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Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master
Destined to Become YOUR Domain and Hosting Provider! 

10% Off Your Next Order from Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master!

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master
Destined to Become YOUR Domain and Hosting Provider! 

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Now is the perfect time to buy domains and hosting.  The New Year is right around the corner and purchasing that great domain name, along with stable and reliable cPanel hosting is the perfect start to that new project that you know you want to start.

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Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Now is the perfect time to begin visualizing and realizing what it is that is your goals for the coming New Year.  Perhaps there is a worthy cause on the horizon, or maybe a new plan to earn income from the Internet.  No matter the cause, the business or the needs of those seeking to gain a strong presence on Google, now is the time to start!

Buy Domains and Hosting

Buy Domains and Hosting from Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master. Rated best domain and hosting provider on Google.!


Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains which are usually called TLD’s is what you will purchase from Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master.  This term comes from ICANN, which is the provider and creator of top level domains.  These are the ones that you will use to build your presence on the internet. 

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master
Destined to Become YOUR Domain and Hosting Provider! 


Christmas Gift Ideas

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Now is the season that we turn to giving to others. You know that moms want stuff for the kitchen, things to make the house nicer and clothes, oh of course, any mom wants and needs clothes for the holiday season, right? Dads all want ties, shirts, socks, that new bottle of cologne and a video game or two to round out the season. There is not doubt that old Dad deserves something really special for all of his leadership and work over the years. And then, there comes little Tommy and Sue. What to give these guys for Christmas? How about a new version of Xbox where they can play Fortnight to their hearts content. Possibly new dolls and clothes for sissy and for little Tommy, the newest and fastest skateboard on record would fit really nicely.

There we have a list of gifts that covers any and all of the families needs, wants and desires. The very greatest thing about Christmas gifts is that fifteen minutes after opening the secret packages, all of the fun is gone and nothing is ever said about that special skateboard again. After all, the new is worn off, and Johnny got a better one that I did anyway. So it goes in the typical home of anyone that lives in the good old USA. But wait, what if there was a different kind of gift this year for Christmas. What if it were a magical type of gift that could hold the future of the person who owned it in a nice neat and convenient package. What if this Christmas, something was given that literally can/will/should/does last a lifetime? What if there was a magical Christmas gift that could and will keep on giving into eternity and is only limited by thought and action on the part of the owner? Could there really be a Christmas gift like that right here and right Now?

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How to Preserve Content

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Content-Original Thinking Is Essential on the Web

What is marketing online? Is it simply hammering people into submission until they decide to purchase something? Is is growing an email list so that information can be sent to those who do not want, nor need any more of this kind of information? Is it coming to IBO and getting as many members as you can so that you can tell them all how to get rich? Actually, it is not about any of these things at all.

Original Content

Admittedly, the concept of original content could be a little distressing for people. Trying to write about the same subject, day after day, and trying to come up with something different to say about the same thing could possibly be frustrating and entering into unknown territory. However, the very essence of marketing anything online will lie in the ability of the thinking human being to do just that. One must let creativity, thought and visualization take flight in order to gain readers and hopefully interest about what we are selling. That prized and precious content is in danger UNLESS we do one thing.

Stable and Reliable Hosting of Domains is Essential!

There are untold millions today who rely on third party hosting systems for their content, articles, press releases, images, documents and other essentials of the marketing process. Of course, Google is stable and reliable for this UNLESS a moderator, or third party intervention expert comes along and sees something they do not like, then guess what? Your prized content that you worked so hard to produce can and will gone in a flash. Now you see it. Now you do not?

The ONLY solution you have to is purchase domains and hosting from a reputable, stable and dependable source. You then create websites, blogs, forums, press release services, host your own images and never ever depend on some third party provider again!

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master
Dedicated to the Preservation of Original Content

Premium Domains for Sale

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master



Snap Dosh



Line: +66 0820423828  or   snapdosh

WhatsApp::+66 0820423828

Read the PDF for more information and contact!


The Creative Use of Domain Names and Hosting

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

Creative Use of Domain Names

Had you ever considered buying your phone number in a domain name? Actually, to most people struggling to be seen online, the very idea of purchasing a phone number domain name is so far out of the realm of thinking that they would not even consider it. However, by creatively using this idea to direct traffic (and yes you will get spam) the domain phone number can/will become an integral part of the business plan for success on the world wide web. Thinking outside the box on this very thought, the possibilities of domain name selection become unlimited. Now, you begin to get the power of domains and hosting? They become your strong ally in the process of being seen on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and the other major search engines of the web. In other words, people will find you, contact you and want to know more about who you are and what you have to offer them in the way of benefits and solutions that will enhance their lives. is a creative way to express something of value to those seeking to find good information about domains and hosting. Even though as yet I have not purchased nor hosted this number, I am thinking about doing so in the near future. It is certainly one idea that is on my notepad of success that I keep at my side wherever I go. This can be carried to an even greater extent than this.

What Possibilities Can You Think About for a Domain?

Now, the wheels are beginning to turn, right? Zipcode domains, business location address domains region specific domains, your name domains and literally anything and everything opens up to the creative mind when considering purchasing and hosting domain names for the use of telling others about your passions, your ideas and your thoughts that might just attract something great in your life. Literally, the use of domains and hosting is unlimited, just as the world wide web. It is up to you and me to unlock and flow into that power to receive maximum benefit and enjoyment from it.


The phone number listed is a text only number that I use exclusively for Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master! Call or text it and see what you get!

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master
Destined to Become YOUR Domain and Hosting Provider!

The Price of Domains and Hosting

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master

The Cost of Owning Domains and Hosting

I am asked continually, how much do domains and hosting cost at Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master. Obviously, it is not difficult to answer that question at all; however, like most things in the Universe, I search for deeper meanings of things, situations, actions and life in general. I never take for granted any single thing in this Universe, and this certainly includes domains and hosting, my passion, my pride and the reasons that I choose to write and create on the world wide web on behalf of. That simple little domain name can/will become a living breathing entity with the proper care and feeding that it so richly deserves. There can be no doubt, and actually, no price tag put on something that holds this much potential for positive and practical creations.

The Cost of Domains and Hosting is Negligible

When I choose to buy a domain name, usually in the neighborhood of $9 US, and the associated cPanel hosting that is my prime choice for building and creating @ around $18 US per month, I look not at the cost in dollars and cents of the domain and hosting. I have already visualized within my own mind exactly what, where, how and why I purchased the domain name, and what I will plan to build and plant with it. Most of the actual work is already done by using the visualization process and over the years and years that I have done this, it works brilliantly each and every time.

So, How Much Do Domains and Hosting Cost?

In reality, that domain and hosting is the beginning point, the stage and the podium which I will choose to draw interest, visitors, viewers, subscribers and eventually paying customers. My prime intent is not to make money from all of this. I am much more attuned to seeing that I am doing everything in my power to assure that my domain and hosting accounts reach their full potential. After all, I know full well that if they do reach their proposed positions on the web, business will surely follow easily and naturally.

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Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master
Destined to Become YOUR Domain and Hosting Provider! 
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